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            Tank rides in Russia

            Tank rides in Russia
            Willys MB
            Tanks vs Volvo
            Tank collection. You can ride everyone here!!!
            Tank base
            Inside T-34
            Maxim MG
            Guns, everything can be touched

            PRICE REQUEST>>>

            We can combine your tank trip with a visit to the tank museum in Kubinka

            An exceptional offer from our company - a unique tour, which is only available in Russia - tank rides in Russia. Are you a fan of military equipment and want to organize an event in Russia, or make a memorable gift? Then this tour is the right choice for you. 

            Who can benefit?

            This tour is primarily a dream for the fans of tanks, for anyone interested in military vehicles, tracked vehicles, the military history of the 20th century. But even if you do not know what the T-34 or BMP-1 is, this tour will guarantee lots of fun! It's very exciting to ride inside or on top of a tank. 

            What is so unique about this tour?

            In Russia there are many military museums, including the world's largest tank museum in Kubinka, which is a must-see for every fan of military vehicles. At the museum, however, you can but look them, with no motion. Great military 广西福彩app下载 of the past will never draw you a full picture just sitting there. They were created for action! That`s why the impressions from visiting just the museum are absolutely not enough to understand what an armored vehicle truly is. We offer you not only to see the technique, but also to hear, smell, touch, ride in it, and even shoot a tank gun! With the help of our experts, you will learn about the history of different models, the advantages and disadvantages; hear interesting stories and tales. After riding the tank yourself, you will meet with the entire armored family. Here you will find equipment ranging from the First World War to the present day. The collection consists of more than 50 vehicles. Everything can be touched, photographed, every tank can be climbed into! That is impossible in any other museum in the world. 

            What tanks and military vehicles can you ride here?

            Today you can ride the Soviet tanks in many countries. Our former military base is not only equipped with the common T-55 or BMP-1 (military vehicles of the Cold War). Here you will find the real legends and monsters of the Second World War. Among them, the infamous T-34 in various modifications, IS-2, IS-3, SU-100, ISU-152, German Hanomag Sd.Kfz. 251 (2 pieces) and many other 广西福彩app下载, riding which you can only enjoy here. Which models are the most suitable for your ride depends on what you expect from riding. More about specific models and their characteristics, you will learn here: 
            Amphibious Light tank: PT-76
            Medium Tanks: T-34, T-34-85, T-55 
            Heavy Tanks: IS-2, IS-3 
            Tank destroyer: SU-100, ISU-152 
            Infantry fighting vehicles: Hanomag Sd.Kfz. 251, BMP-1, BMD, BTR-60, BTR-50, BTR-40, BTR-152, BRDM

            Important: Tank driving requires special skills and enhanced training. Tourists can not drive tanks on their own. Professional tank crews do the driving, while you ride along. 

            Additional features: Shooting from a tank, car crushing.

            During the tour, not only can you ride in the tanks, but you can also try firing the main cannon, or the additional machine gun. Simulation of the explosion after a shot from the tank is also possible. However, for many customers, even that is not enough. To crush a car with the tank is the greatest pleasure for many tourists. This is also possible upon request. 

            If you have special wishes, please, contact广西福彩app下载.
            Important: Only blank shells are used. 

            Additional service. Shooting

            Much more can be found at the base than just a unique collection of tanks. As an additional service, you can choose a variety of weapons to shoot from. Among them, the famous Kalashnikov, the rare weapons like the Luger pistol or the Sturmgewehr MP-44. Some models presented here, are indeed legendary, and cannot be found anywhere else in Europe. More information about weapons you can shoot can be found here (it's just a small part of the collection):

            Hand guns: Luger (Pistol Parabellum), Mauser C96, Walther P38, M1911 pistol, Tokarev TT a.s.o.
            Rifles: Mauser 98, Mosin–Nagant a.s.o.
            Automatic Weapons: MP-40, Sturmgewehr (StG44 / MP 44), Thompson submachine gun, PPSh-41, PPS submachine gun, AK-47 a.s.o.
            Guns: Maxim gun, MG-42, Degtyaryov machine gun (DP), PK machine gun, DShK a.s.o.
            Anti-tank rifles: PTRS-41,PTRD-41 a.s.o.

            Important: Only blank shells are used.

            Additional options 

            - After you ride the tanks and shoot the guns, a good meal is exactly what you need. Coffee break is included in the standard program, but upon your request, we can arrange a real field kitchen for you, lust like in the Russian army! You can enjoy this feast in a military tent, or in the special room (in bad weather). Buckwheat, barbecue and of course vodka, will be indeed mouthwatering, after such an adventure!
            - You can wear the Red Army Uniform and imagine yourself a Soviet soldier, riding a legendary T-34!

            - We also offer you to drive Willys MB - a small four-wheel drive utility vehicle, that is considered the iconic World War II Jeep, and inspired many similar light utility vehicles.

            -You сan drive a military motorcycle with a sidecar and machine gun!

            Where does the tour take place?

            The tour is held in a former military base, 35 kilometers from Moscow. Driving to the base takes about 1.5 hours from your hotel in Moscow. 

            How much is the tour?

            PRICE REQUEST>>>

            How many people can participate in the tour?

            In general, there are some restrictions; however you can either come alone, or with an army of friends - we can manage any size groups. 


            There is almost none. Foreigners are admitted to the base, after receiving permission. Tourist's age must be at least 5 and no older than 100 years. 

            Tours are held daily. Advance booking required. 

            We can combine your tank trip with a visit to the tank museum in Kubinka

            TANK RIDE VIDEOS

            PRICE REQUEST>>>

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